Where to start

Hello and welcome to the Julia Community!

This is a blog post for newcomers and community members alike to describe where and when you can find Julians around cyberspace and in the real world. I will talk about what different venues offer, how people usually interact, and what you can expect from going to these forums.

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Code of conduct

Online forums - JuliaCon!


Submission and the Call for Proposals

JuliaCon is centered around people presenting cool stuff they've learned or built and sharing those experiences and code with others. Given the growth of the community, a committee exists to select proposals months in advance and guide them through a submission process so that their talk/poster can be processed and uploaded online as part of the conference. The announcement happens on Discourse and is usually 3-4 months before JuliaCon itself. Submission is open to everybody, including you! (And we'd love to hear from you!) This year, a workshop for livestreamed Questions and Answers CfP was made to help newcomers. Once the submissions are sorted out, the Organizing Committee (OrgComm) publishes a schedule for which talks will happen where.

Schedule, Registration and REPL goodies

Due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, JuliaCon2020 and JuliaCon2021 have been online. This makes physical conferences a logistical nightmare and health hazard, so it's easier to do the following:

  1. Ask every accepted submission to pre-record their talk.

  2. Plan a schedule

  3. Publish the recorded talks according to the schedule, with the presenter available on the Discord chat so that people can ask questions simultaneously via text as the event is being livestreamed.

This is the best of many worlds:

  1. There's no rush to watch everything all the time because everything goes on Youtube anyways.

  2. You can chat to you heart's desire about the given topic without putting anyone at risk

  3. This is geographically inclusive - even if you miss the speaker due to timezones, you can probably ask them questions later, and watch the talk at your best convenience.

  4. Saves some flights and C02 emissions

But unfortunately we don't meet each other face to face, and human interaction can be a great thing.

It's the best that we can muster at the time. Now, on to the schedule.

The schedule works as follows:

That's the conference!

Let's dig a lil' deeper into all the different events.

Workshops, talks, lightning talks, posters and Birds of a Feather, and more!

Different things happen simultaneously at JuliaCon, here's what you can expect if you attend any of these:

TODO: Gather town!

A special mention about the Proceedings: This is an open-access journal published in cooperation with Open Journals. This is a great venue for those who need academic credit for contributing in the conference, but it's by no means limited to just an academic audience.

Discord and chatting

Online forums and netiquette







Mailing lists, IRC

Offline forums - JuliaCon